"World Changer" Programme.

World ChangerWhat is the "World Changer" Programme?

Online schools should be pioneering new and exciting methods of education to inspire the next generation.

The "World Changer" programme is a unique, extracurricular, project-based learning programme, developed exclusively by the Minerva team, to enrich and support the Academy's core curriculum.

By partnering with select outside institutions, and tutors with specialised interests, we deliver highly-creative, cutting-edge learning experiences that are deeply relevant to today's world, stimulating our pupils to think beyond what they might have thought themselves capable of.

The mission of the programme is to challenge our pupils to think big, to prepare them for the future, and to be rewarding, thought-provoking, and fun.

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Human Rights

Human RightsTerm: Winter 2020

Partner: Clemily M, Former human rights researcher at the UN

Year 9 & 10 pupils learned about the origin and nature of human rights and grappled with complex issues such as how certain issues and cases can be prioritised over others. Pupils explored case studies of human rights abuses around the world, saw examples of how countries reacted to these cases, engaged with the ethical frameworks that governed these responses, and were challenged to come up with their own ideas and suggestions.

International Space School Education Trust Stem-X Launch Prize

IssetTerm: Spring 2021
Pupils learned about life and conditions on the International Space Station, how to make hypotheses and conduct reliable experiments, and worked in groups to design experiments to test these hypotheses. The project aim was to create a hypothesis and plan an experiment to improve life for humanity on or off this planet that could be conducted in microgravity conditions on the ISS.
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