Why Choose Us.

Minerva’s Virtual Academy is built upon four pillars: Virtual Learning Platform, Mentoring, Collaborative Learning and Community.

The four pillars allow us to deliver a highly effective education whilst equipping our pupils with the skills needed to thrive in the modern world; all in an environment where each pupil is known, encouraged and can make life-long friends.

Virtual Learning Platform

Our ground-breaking virtual learning platform teaches our pupils the iGCSE syllabus through a mixture of video, audio, text and discussion-based modules, offering regular quizzes and challenges them in rewarding ways, making it easy to learn, reflect, revise, test, then master and move onto the next topic.
Our pupils spend much of their time working through modules on the VLP, meaning that when they meet their subject teachers in their group classes, they already know the areas they need help with, and their teachers are much better placed to support and guide them.

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Every pupil is assigned a personal mentor to help bring out the best in them. A true ally on the pupil’s educational journey, the mentor will meet with each pupil regularly and can be contacted at any time via email or chat.

It is the mentor’s job to oversee all aspects of the pupil’s academic progress, pastoral wellbeing and involvement in school life. They are highly trained and experienced with 1000s of hours of 1-2-1 mentorship under their belt. They have been selected as the best of the best of Minerva Tutors.

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Collaborative Learning

Group Subject Lessons
Pupils attend live subject lessons for which they will have done preparatory work. The specialist teachers will lead these engaging and interactive sessions, helping pupils to deepen and apply their learning and giving them the chance to work collaboratively.

World Changer Projects
Led by tutors with special interests and experience, or external organisations such as the International Space School Education Trust (affiliated with NASA), these projects will have incredible lasting impact on our pupils’ futures, whilst also being hugely enjoyable!

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Weekly Assemblies: an opportunity for the whole school to come together, celebrate successes, share stories and reflect on important values for life.
Wellbeing Programme: weekly sessions help pupils to know themselves, develop resilience and practise mindfulness, learn about and discuss issues that affect them, and equip them to make good life choices.
Clubs: every pupil joins at least one club and may join more - from Art to Film Production, Book Club to Debating and Creative Computing.
Guest Speakers: pupils and parents alike are invited to attend termly virtual talks by inspirational speakers.
Optional In-person Meetups: we organise periodic days out for the entire school community - an opportunity to develop the friendships built through group learning and clubs, in person!

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