Parent & Pupil Feedback.

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Oleg S, Year 10 Pupil, Jan 2021

'As we were going through several different options for home online education, we came across Minerva’s Online Academy which made a very warm and welcoming impression. We decided to try the school out and see how it went.'

'I started the school with a mentor session which was offered to me as soon as I joined. This was very helpful as I got used to the format the academy is offering to their students. I found that this school mirrors the university format. This impressed me, as it prepares you for real life, by providing you with responsibility and the authority to control your own time which is a useful life skill.'

Parent of new pupil, July 2021

'I just wanted to take a moment to thank you wholeheartedly for your support. This is a learning curve for our family and you are making it such a positive experience by guiding us. Our son already feels supported by you all which has been lacking in the mainstream school system and this makes such a difference. You haven't put pressure on him or judged him and are letting him take it at his own pace and from a mum who has battled to get support I really can't thank you enough. It's important to let people know when they are doing a good job and you guys really are.' 

Mr and Mrs W, Parents, Dec 2020

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'She loves the lifestyle she can enjoy when she is in control of her own day, working at her own pace and taking on extra work to challenge herself. She gets so much support and the responsiveness of her teachers and tutors is so much better than at a traditional bricks and mortar school because the entire school is digital in approach. I often come down to the kitchen after work and she is doing a chemistry experiment or building a model solar system so it is not all screen time!

We did find it hard at first to imagine taking a more non-traditional schooling route for our daughter. We worried about what she would miss and did not focus on what she would gain. We think the pandemic has been an opportunity for us to reflect on what is important and we are getting very comfortable with the fact that there are many paths to success for children and that traditional school does not always bring out the best in every child. Overall, Minerva has been a life-saver for all of us. It has been a great experience and it has brought out the best in our daughter.'

Emma G, Parent, Nov 2020

'My daughter was struggling at a mainstream school during years 9/10 school. But I noticed during the lockdown period last year she was less stressed, less anxious, and she always had a love for learning which I had not seen before. She was predicted 7 and 8s, but something was preventing her from thriving in the mainstream. Towards the end of lockdown last year, there came a point when my daughter started becoming anxious about returning to school. It was from this point that I thought about online schooling. I found Minerva and was extremely impressed by the website, the tutors and the Principal’s communication. It was everything that I thought would work for my daughter.

The course input on the core GCSE's are exactly the same, having had my daughter leave one term in this was very daunting as a parent.

The communication is outstanding between parents and the senior team. The range of GCSE's is also key, and most importantly the teaching is excellent. A bonus is the assemblies and the well-being sessions. No other online schools offer this. A critical part that is offered right now to all children. A bonus!'

Adam S, Pupil, Dec 2020

‘The one to one personal mentoring sessions are great because it is a nice way to talk to someone about how you are feeling. I think the assemblies are a good idea to discuss what is going on in the world.'

Dr & Ms de G-B, Parents, Jan 2021

'Minerva’s Virtual Academy is an excellent school. Our daughter has been engaged, excited and thoroughly supported by the excellent teaching and community of staff. With the thoughtful, sensitive support she is getting, we see her blossoming into a confident, creative and competent young woman. For any child, and particularly for a child who loves learning but finds the busyness and distractions of school life too much or overwhelming, Minerva is a wonderful option.'

'Minerva stands out from other online teaching forums. It is not just about teaching academic subjects. It is a community. With 'wellbeing', 'world changers' and clubs such as art and film-making being part of the curriculum, the whole child is very much nurtured and looked after. We highly recommend Minerva’s Virtual Academy.'

Alice G, Year 10 Pupil, Dec 2020

What's it like being a pupil at an 'online school'?

'I really like it. I am so much happier now, I don’t feel as anxious about school. I can focus on my GCSE's and do not have to worry about all the other things that go on at school. The classes are small too and the tutors are friendly.'

Which parts of the school do you most enjoy?

'I like the way the timetable is spaced out. Before I was feeling overwhelmed with my subjects being back to back, now I get time to breathe, to reflect and to learn. I know that if I need help I can always ask my mentor. I have access to all the materials 24/7 so I can always go back over work,'

Jakub, Year 10 Pupil, Jan 2021

'The main reason we started to look for an online school is that our son decided to go to Barcelona where he lives in a dormitory at the Marcet Football Academy. He is a passionate athlete and he was frustrated because he could not play any team games and do any sport during this lockdown period. As he has training every day in the morning and then at 2:30 in the afternoon it is very difficult for him to find a school so that he can continue with the British curriculum. Regular schools are not flexible and online school offered him an education at a high level as well as continuance with Padel, squash and ice hockey all of which he hopes he can continue at a professional level.'

Paul L, Parent, Jan 2021

'I noticed that my son really thrived during the first lockdown, He was able to explore topics and learn at his own pace, without endless exam prep and lots of repetition. This, combined with him not being entirely happy at his school, prompted us to consider alternatives. Attending an online school offers a great combination of structure and flexibility. Our son has also been able to take new subjects, which weren't available to him before.'

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Irini S, Parent, Dec 2020

‘Minerva is the only online school that offered our son a program with all the subjects he had started previously including his Mandarin.  We were impressed with the success of your sister company Minerva tutors. It means for us that we are dealing with the best teachers.’

Lisa C, Parent, Apr 2020

'Charlotte was buzzing when I got home from work yesterday. She really enjoyed the fun end of term Escape Room, her comment was 'it was like being in one big family, everyone is so nice.' She then proceeded to tell us all about everyone, which was wonderful to hear.'