Are you happy with your child's current education?

If you're thinking about a different path for next year, we can help.

Mentoring and boosting pupil confidence is at the heart of everything we do.

Are your child's teachers giving them enough support and inspiration?


Our headmaster, Lawrence Tubb, spent 16 years at top UK independent schools, most recently at Wycombe Abbey.

Our class sizes are smaller than other online schools.

We provide a personal mentor for each pupil - essential for great homeschooling.

And we're perfect for young athletes and performers who find it hard to keep up with lessons at traditional schools.

Last year, two of our pupils won a prize to see their science experiment flown to the ISS on SpaceX rocket in 2023!

Minerva was declared 'by far the best of them all' at a Local Council inspection when compared to Kings Interhigh & others.
"Today, Emily said 'I love my new school'."
"Minerva has been a lifesaver for all of us."
"I have my child back."

Our switching process couldn't be easier.

We're based in London &  recommend you live within 5 hours of GMT.
Please join one of our upcoming virtual Open Evenings hosted by Head of Admissions Clare and Headmaster Lawrence Tubb.

Term starts on Monday 5th Sept.

For our fees and more information, search 'minerva virtual'