New Sports Partnership: Vilas Tennis Academy

Posted on June 28, 2022 by Minerva's Virtual Academy

Founded by the greatest Argentinian tennis player of all time, Guillermo Vilas, who has 62 ATP singles titles and 4 Grand Slams to his name, we are delighted to announce our latest partnership with Vilas Tennis Academy.

The academy has bases in Punta Cana as well as Mallorca, hosting ITF events throughout the year and offering players an all year round residential programme led by professional coaches. The academy’s partnership with Minerva’s Online School will allow students, regardless of their tournament schedule or training commitments, to continue with their education throughout their stay and beyond.

Christian Babuin, Director of Vilas Tennis academy said; ‘At the academy we believe that a good education should be a part of every young tennis player’s journey. Not only is it of extreme importance to support university or job applications beyond tennis, but an all rounded education builds better people and therefore better athletes. As an academy we have a duty of care to the players we coach and therefore want to ensure that regardless of their tennis outcome, they have a solid foundation and career pathway which they can implement. Our partnership with Minerva will allow us to provide that much needed flexibility and access for students to continue studying whilst at the academy, at home or during competitions.’

Elite Athlete Education Officer, Fabian Spiess said;

‘The Vilas Tennis Academy is an extremely reputable academy – We are delighted to be able to create this educational pathway and support new incoming individuals with their education! The majority of tennis prospects will go on to receive scholarships at a U.S. university, which is why it’s crucial they continue with their education off the court during their younger years. It is often thought that as a talented tennis player, you can gain automatic entry into some of the best universities in America. That is not true and if grades don’t match the level of tennis, players will often struggle. A Levels count towards American college credits, meaning those who do end up opting for a U.S university, could have a significant workload taken off them in their first year of transition. Their transition will also be less challenging due to the more demanding British curriculum they will have studied through us. It’s a very exciting time and we’re looking forward to supporting these young athletes throughout their junior careers.’