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Calling all pupils taking the ISEB 11+ or ISEB Pre Test exams in 2022...

Minerva Tutors, the UK's leading provider of private homeschooling and tutoring services for children aged 5-18, is running special ISEB 11+ and Pre Test preparation courses for all prospective pupils taking these exams in the coming months.

Our courses are suitable for pupils who are completely new to tutoring or have had tutoring in the past. 

Is your child fully prepared for the 11+ Common Entrance exams? Are they taking special ISEB Pre Test exams with specific requirements for certain schools?

Our tutors are trained and highly experienced in the 11+ and Pre Test and can tailor their tutoring to fit specific schools, if required. 

Courses are 1-to-1, completely bespoke to your child, and are  accessible online or in person depending on where you live.

Even in just a week, our tutors will prepare your child to meet the challenge of the 11+ exams with style, intelligence, and confidence


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The Minerva ISEB Pretest / 11+ Preparation Course

We’ll do everything we can to prepare your child to win a place at the school of their dreams.

On registering, you’ll be assigned one of our top ISEB 11+ or Pre Test preparation tutors, with 1000s hours of experience, who will provide your child with 6 hours worth of completely personalised and structured 11+ tutoring.

We'll make sure their academic potential is reached in the core subjects of English, Maths, and Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. This will include bespoke tuition in these areas as well as mock exams taken in exam conditions. We'll also ensure your child knows how to give a memorable and impressive interview, which is crucial to 11+ success.

Each course will be tailored entirely to your situation and the schools you will be applying for.

What's included

  • 6 x 1 hour 1-on-1 11+ or Pre Test ISEB preparation classes 📖 
  • Initial chat with our Education Support team to discuss your 11+ school options and ensure we create a course tailored to you
  • Expert 11+ tutoring from our expert, full-time, and trained ISEB 11+ tutors who know exactly what it takes to get your child into the schools they’re applying for 🕵️
  • Interview coaching - ‘how to stand out and show your personality’ 🗣️
  • Academic tutoring in English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning 📚
  • Exam technique & confidence 🤠
  • Progress reports after each lesson visible on our unique progress-tracking portal, Temple 🖥️

    These courses are 1-to-1 and you can choose exactly when you would like them to start and how to divide the hours up. 

    Who should take the course?

    Pupils preparing for:

    • ISEB 11+ in January 2022
    • ISEB Pre Test in 2022, for specific schools
    • ISEB 11+ later in 2022
    • ISEB 11+ Common Entrance at any time in 2022

    This course is perfect for any child who is getting ready to sit the above exams. Our highly experienced and friendly tutors have worked with hundreds of pupils over the course of 2021 alone. Their natural ability to inspire self-belief and confidence in their tutees is the main reason why our pupils do so well. Anyone wishing to prepare for the 11+ or Pre Test but feels daunted by the prospect of tutoring or hasn't had tutoring before should feel relaxed and confident in our teams ability to understand exactly what your child needs to give them the best chance on exam day.


    £460 / child
    More hourly sessions available to suit your needs.
    Online or In Person (if based in Greater London).
    10% sibling discount available

    How to Register

    Please use the Register Interest form below and one of our team will get back to you. For any other enquires not relating to this course, please use the contact form below this one.