Minerva’s Virtual Academy team up with Adam Peaty to support young swimmers

Posted on November 16, 2022 by Minerva's Virtual Academy

Minerva’s Virtual Academy team up with Adam Peaty’s AP Race Clinics to help support young swimmers academically.

Swimming is one of the most demanding and physically challenging sports known to humankind. Swimmers can often be found in the pool by 6 am and 9 pm on a daily basis. It is a sport that requires extreme dedication and one that hasn’t often fitted in with the traditional education system.

This partnership aims to not only make the sporting journey easier and more manageable for athletes but also to provide more educational support and opportunities. Education and sport are both so important and this partnership will allow athletes to achieve their highest potential in both.

Fabian Spiess, Elite Athlete Education officer said;

When you think about the incredible demands that are placed on young swimmers and how that can be sustainably balanced alongside a full-time education, not many answers come to mind for parents. It leads to burnout, a lack of performance in either the pool, the classroom, or dropping out from the sport altogether. AP Race Clinics are trying to innovate the sport, develop the pathway and make it more manageable for young athletes and we believe that Minerva’s Virtual Academy can have a great part to play in that.

‘We are delighted to announce Minerva as our first brand partner because we really believe they can add huge value to the swimming community whether it is through their online school or through their tutoring which is understanding of a swimmer’s heavy training schedule. We believe sport and education should go hand in hand and Minerva is the best solution for that right now.’

Edward Baxter, Managing Director of AP Race Clinics

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