How does Mentoring work?

Mentoring represents the cornerstone of the Academy's philosophy and the main reason why our pupils are able to develop and flourish into confident young members of society.

Every pupil who joins Minerva's Virtual Academy is assigned a personal mentor, who they meet with regularly online on a one-on-one basis.

A true ally on the pupil’s educational journey, the mentor oversees all aspects of the pupil’s academic progress, pastoral well-being and involvement in school life. They are highly trained and experienced with 1000s of hours of 1-2-1 mentorship under their belt. They have been selected as the best of the best of Minerva Tutors. No other school (online or traditional!) provides the kind of dedicated one-to-one academic mentoring that we do. Our mentors are there to make sure your child stays inspired and on track. 

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How does the Academy approach wellbeing?

As standard at the Academy, we offer weekly sessions to help pupils understand themselves, develop resilience, practice mindfulness, learn about and discuss issues that affect them, and equip them with the mental resilience to ultimately make good life choices. The Academy's well-being sessions are run by Jamie, a highly experienced teacher of History and English and a valued member of the Mentor team at Minerva.

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