Year 10, Done Different


An exciting and important year to get right, Year 10 should be full of passion and discovery, setting a strong foundation for your child’s GCSE examinations in Year 11.

Year 10 is the first in the two-year journey toward GCSEs. At Minerva’s Virtual Academy, we equip students with the six core subjects and three additional choices to help them begin the all-important adventure toward what it is they want to do and be. 

Year 10, The Best It Can Be

Minerva’s Virtual Academy is a Year 10 online school that goes above and beyond. We offer a rigorous and engaging Year 10 homeschooling experience that’s got all the benefits of a regular school, plus more.

With a vision that’s pupil-focussed and run by industry-leading professionals, Minerva’s Virtual Academy teaches an exciting, intellectual Year 10 curriculum for students who want to do different.

Why Move Year 10 Online?

Choosing Year 10 homeschooling online is a shift many parents make for a number of reasons. A Year 10 online school often suits students who:

  • are not achieving their best in a traditional school setting
  • travel or relocate often whilst studying
  • have a skill or lifestyle that requires flexible hours
  • work better alone, without distraction from peers or social dynamics
  • want to study at their own pace, get ahead or be ambitious

Because Year 10 is so important, parents and students often move online after a growing awareness that the social and behavioural aspects of traditional schooling are now proving more distracting than they are enriching.

[H/] Read more: reasons why an online school could be for you.

Why Choose Minerva’s Virtual Academy for your Year 10 Online School?

Our Year 10 Online School: The Strongest Start to Your GCSEs

At MVA we want to make sure Year 10 homeschooling lays the formative, fun foundation that it should do. That’s why we

  • offer six core subjects and three optional ones, all taught by specialists and experts, so your child is put in great stead for their GCSEs
  • employ a mixture of live group lessons and self-learning through our very own Virtual Learning Environment, to ensure the opportunity for both an educational community and for self-led passion. This helps bridge the gap between exam-based academic learning and the real world.
  • follow the iGCSE exam board to ensure your child is set to achieve a world-leading qualification that’s internationally recognised. 

There are school assemblies, after-school clubs like filmmaking, art and creative computing, and even our unique weekly World Changers Program - a co-curricular cross-year group course about the big topics that matter - to keep students engaged and happily reaching beyond the syllabus. This means they’re not only ready for their exams: they’re ready for life. 

What Can I Study at Minerva’s Virtual Academy Year 10 Online School?

For our Year 10 online school we teach the six core GCSE subjects and then offer nine further options, from which you’ll choose your favourite three to pursue. We can also arrange private tuition in any subject the school doesn’t offer here. For example, some of our Year Tens have started their GCSEs in Mandarin. Hǎo xiāoxī!

Year 10 Core GCSE Subjects

Additional Options


Only at MVA 🙂




World Changers Program

English Literature


Creative Computing

Personal Mentor

English Language



Guest Speakers



E-Gaming (coming 2022)

School magazine



Pupil forest


Business Studies

Computer Science



Ready... Set... Admisssions!

Minerva Virtual Academy is open for Year 10 admissions throughout the year.

You can enrol your child at any point across the academic year by ???.

Can I enquire about a place at Minerva’s Virtual Academy while my child is still at regular school?

Of course! Get in touch. It’s better to begin the dialogue sooner rather than later.

Can I start GCSEs without any knowledge of the British Curriculum? 


Can I really switch at any point?

Yes. You’ll be homeschooling technically, so as long as you notify your local council you’re with us, you can switch at any point! 

See more: Admissions FAQ [H/]

FAQs for Year 10 Homeschooling

How many contact hours a week are there for a Year 10 student?


What exam board and qualification do you do for Year Tens?

For their Year 10 homeschooling, students will study the iGCSE qualification for ??-exam-board. This is an internationally recognised, rigorous and prestigious way to achieve your GCSE certificates.

Who will their teachers be?

MVA has a unique, exclusive roster of teachers who are all specialists in their subject, with years of experience under their belts. They are all trained and undergo the same regular development, scrutiny and testing as other teachers.

What opportunities will they have to make friends and develop socially? 

??? (Parent Zone, swap numbers, parents lead this)

Is it difficult to make the transition online? How do they work at home?

We’re here to help every step of the way with the move from traditional to online homeschooling in Year 10. We’ve got years of experience when it comes to structuring timetables and developing focus and motivation. 

What can I do to help my child get ready for life at MVA?

There’ll be many others who’re making the switch to an online school in Year 10, so rest assured you’ll be with others on this journey. You’ll be invited to our orientation morning in the months before term starts, and children who get on well can form friendships even before the school year begins. 

Regarding studying itself: try, if possible, to find your child a fixed place in the house to work from. They’ll only need a laptop or desktop computer and the usual school supplies, and they’ll be ready to go. It’s less hassle than getting them ready for an off-line school…!

Can I really study easily and feel part of school life from anywhere in the world?

Yes, absolutely! The vast majority of our school life takes place online: it’s designed to be social, fun and accessible with only an internet connection to hand. After-school clubs, assemblies, orientation, projects - even socials - take place successfully online. 

Anything you’d like to check?

If there’s anything else you want to know, or any specifics relevant to your child you’d like to check in about, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.