A Level, A New Approach

Year 12 Weekly Timetable

We are currently working on a provisional timetable for Year 12. 

  • Each day at Minerva’s Virtual Academy, a Sixth form student will have at least 1-2 hours of direct contact time with us, either with their teachers during live subject lessons, their mentor during mentor sessions, or at their After School Club, or during Assembly and another commitments

  • The remainder of the day is reserved for self study

  • We follow a 2-week timetable - every 2 weeks the learning material on our Virtual Learning Environment is updated and every year group progresses together onto the next stage of their course

  • Mentor sessions are timetabled individually for each pupil - students will be given a one-to-one mentor whose subject specialism aligns with their subject choices so that they can provide the most effective academic support alongside pastoral care

  • Beyond that, our weekly Year 12 timetable of Assembly, our unique A Level Enrichment & Lifeskills Programme, After School Clubs, Wellbeing classes, and Drop-in and Study Group  sessions are scheduled once term begins and times may vary

  • We end lessons and clubs by mid-afternoon in order to enable pupils to take advantage of hobbies and opportunities in their local area - exercise, sports teams, social clubs, music and drama activities - and we actively encourage this to ensure our students benefit from a well-rounded, active and joyful time at school