A Level, A New Approach

Lifeskills & Enrichment Programme

In addition to their subjects, all Sixth Form students at Minerva’s Virtual Academy will take part in our unique co-curricular Enrichment and Life Skills programme which includes the following elements:


For one hour per week, students follow a succession of highly-stimulating short courses which aim to introduce them to university-style thinking and skills that will be essential for modern life and the workplace. Courses we intend to run in 2022-23 include:

  • Becoming What We Are: Literature & Identity
  • The Netflix Effect: Introducing Critical Theory through the Art of Binge-Watching
  • Global Politics in a Zombie Pandemic
  • Should You Push The Fat Man? How To Make Hard or Impossible Decisions

Symposia will combine with the “Minerva Galactic Award” (see menu): the Sixth Form iteration of the Minerva “Global Award”), which will not attract UCAS points but will have a significant benefit to UCAS personal statements and university applications. At present, there are no plans to introduce the EPQ. 

Lifeskills Programme

From cooking to managing a budget, healthy lifestyles to savings & investments, the Life Skills programme  ensures that graduating Academy students will have the skills they need to thrive in life beyond school.